Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge site visit

This July, we went to the site of the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge near Wilmington, North Carolina. This was important event leading up to the Battle of Sullivan's Island, because it was the main reason that Clinton and Parker decided to go to Charlestown after the local Loyalist were defeated at the battle in February 27th, 1776. The Loyalist were heading towards South Port, North Carolina with their ultimate destination being Brunswick, North Carolina on Cape Fear to unite with Parker and Clinton waiting at Cape Fear to take back Royal control of North Carolina. This primarily Scotch-Irish force was defeated at the battle after a valiant charge against the patriots with the battle cry "Broad Swords for King George" across the bridge at Moore's Creek which the patriots had taken the boards off to slow their approach. The patriots had built earthen works and placed cannon at the only point where the Loyalist could cross at.  Thus as the Loyalist crossed the stripped down bridge they were knocked down in droves and the Patriots gained a great victory in North Carolina.

Marker at bridge

The Bridge today

A view from the side of the bridge

The Patriot earth works view from the bridge today

Below is an illustration of the earth work at the time of the battle

A young Patriot aiming the cannon

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