Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Revolutionary leaders in present day Dorchester County

So the next step is to figure out which American Revolutionary leaders where in present day Dorchester County and when and where skirmishes took place in the county. The reason we are doing is so that we can start looking at personal and official correspondences to see where they where and what they did while they were in the county.
Who do we know for sure was in the present day county of Dorchester during the American Revolution? We have Francis Marion and Thomas Sumter in command of the fort at Dorchester at different times for short periods of time. We have Light Horse Henry Lee and William Washington fighting skirmishing near the fort at Dorchester at different times. Nathaniel Greene with Andrew Pickens encamped with the Southern American army within three miles of Bacon’s Bridge on the Ashley River near the end of the war. Thus we know all of the big four of South Carolina in the American Revolution where in present day Dorchester County.  
On the British side we had Loyalist, the 30 Regiment of Foot, and Lt. Col. Alexander Stewart at the fort at different times.
From this information we will now start to form a time line for Dorchester County in the American Revolution.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dorchester County in the American Revolution

At this point I want to explain the importance of the letter from Marion to Horry. This letter lets us know that in fact the Southern American Army under Nathaniel Greene was camped in Dorchester County and skirmishing with the British on an almost daily occurrence as the American forces began to close the ring around Charles Town late in the war. So the  question becomes where were Marion, Greene, Lee, Washington, and the other American forces camped at during this time period and at other time periods in the war.

Thus begins the project, who, when, and where were American and British forces in Dorchester County during the American Revolution?