Thursday, March 25, 2010

Francis Marion: A Continental Officer with Character

Today, I stumbled upon an artcile on written by William A. Simpson, Virginia Society, Sons of the American Revolution. The article highlights Francis Marion's ingredient for success: character. Marion was without a doubt an officer with character which was exhibited by his ability and willingness to perservere even in the toughest times. Simpson writes about how Marion, at one of the lowest points in the American Revolution, continues to fight even when others are being defeated. Also, Simpson points out that a Tory deserter mentions the enemy location nearby where Marion heads to and is successful in taking weapons and prisoners. I think of the Tory deserter and how that event may have been different if he had not supplied Marion with that information. There is no doubt Marion would have perservered but without him having received this vital information you have to wonder if Marion would have been as well known. After this event Marion was front page news across the country. Does this mean the Tory deserter did not have character as Marion or that he realized he was fighting to keep independence out of America's reach. Perhaps he too was a man of character. To me character is what won the race even when the enemy appeared to be in the lead.


  1. Very interesting points

  2. Those with true character do tend to go further those those who don't have it.

  3. Another famous general said, "Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you have to be without one, be without strategy..."

    - Norman Schwarzkopf

    Sheriff Ray