Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next two series we are working on

The next two series we are working on are the South Carolina campaigns against East Florida and the fall of Savannah to the British. We hope that everyone is enjoying the Swamp Fox Brigade blog as much as we are publishing it. Comments are always welcomed and appreciated here at the Brigade!!!!!!

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  1. Very interesting. The fall of Savannah is a subject I spent some time reading up on over the summer. I found it to be an interesting subject matter and one where there is more available information on the subject than one might expect. The campaign in East Florida is one of those things that I know very little about it, but have been meaning to read up on for some time (years, actually). I look forward to your coverage of both subjects.

  2. I've been studying the battle of Sullivan's Island and the fall of Charleston and I have really enjoyed your blog! Keep it coming!