Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fort Morris and 2nd Co of Ga Artillery

Fort Morris is one of the few remaining Revolutionary War era earthwork fortifications in the United States. First fortified in the 1750s, the fort was manned to protect the once prosperous seaport town of Sunbury. When the Continental Congress convened in 1776, the delegates recognized the importance of a fort to protect their growing seaport from the British. Soon afterwards, 200 patriots fortified and garrisoned a low bluff on the Medway River at Sunbury. When the British demanded the fort’s surrender on November 25, 1778, the defiant Col. John McIntosh replied, “Come and take it!” Instead, the British withdrew back to Florida only to return forty-five days later with superior force. After a short but heavy bombardment, Fort Morris surrendered to the British on January 9, 1779, the last patriot post to fall in the American Revolution.

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